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LISTEN: Aiymon - Ikite itan da yo na (生きていたんだよな)

Posted on September 25, 2018 in music, music video, aimyonWatchInJapan


Aiymon (あいみょん) was born in Nishimiya in Hogo Prefecture as the second of six children. Born to a musical family (her father was in the music business), Aimyon aimed to become a singer since a young age. Her father gave her a guitar when she was in early middle school, but she set it aside quickly, and didn't get really into playing and practicing until her English teacher brought an acoustic back after studying abroad in America. She became noticed after graduating high school when her best friend uploaded a video of her to YouTube.

ikite ita n da yo na ("You've Lived") is a clever mix of spoken word recounting a woman's suicide, with Aimyon transitioning smoothly into song in the bridge and verses. It's at once both haunting and mesmerizing.

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