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Many Faces of Ito from Netflix
Switched - Japanese Drama

WATCH: Switched / Sora o Kakeru Yodaka (宇宙を駆けるよだか)

By WatchInJapan  ·  October 02, 2018 • Tagged with television, tv, japanese drama, friendship, switched identities, manga adaptation

Director Hiroaki Matsuyama (known for Liar Game and Nobunaga Concerto series) is back with his latest offering in the recent summer, the drama Switched.

Ayumi Kinohata (Kaya Kiyohara) is a popular and bright first year high-school student. With her cute appearance and outgoing personality, Ayumi seemed to live a perfect …


LISTEN: Aiymon - Ikite itan da yo na (生きていたんだよな)

By WatchInJapan  ·  September 25, 2018 • Tagged with music, music video, aimyon

Aiymon (あいみょん) was born in Nishimiya in Hogo Prefecture as the second of six children. Born to a musical family (her father was in the music business), Aimyon aimed to become a singer since a young age. Her father gave her a guitar when she was in early middle school …

Like Father, Like Son

WATCH: Like Father, Like Son (そして、父になる) by Kore-eda Hirokazu

By WatchInJapan  ·  September 25, 2018 • Tagged with movies, kore-eda kirokazu

As discussed over on Japan Monogatari, Japanese director Kore-eda Hirokazu's film Shoplifters (万引き家族) is set to hit non-Japanese shores in wide release in October. However, Kore-eda has been making deep, moving films before he grabbed Japan's first Palm d'or in over 20 years.

Like Father, Like Son (Japanese: そして、父になる …